Packaging and scarcity of raw materials

Hello nature lovers and garden enthusiasts

we try to pack our products in such a way that the outer packaging consists of controlled renewable raw materials (rice or wood paper) or recycled materials.Since the beginning of the year we have managed to ensure that our seed products are packaged completely plastic-free. Unfortunately, the Corona period, the massive increase in transport and raw material prices, as well as the unbelievable war in Ukraine are having an effect. Paper from controlled cultivation is now not only very expensive, it is simply impossible to get hold of. Therefore we have decided - temporarily - to pack our seeds in recycled and clear polythene bags. While it's not pretty, these bags are also naturally biodegradable and serve their purpose.

Packaging FAQ:

  • Are the seeds also securely packaged?
    Yes of course! The seeds are also safe from environmental influences and damage.
  • Isn't that bad for the environment?
    The spirits/experts argue about this. Recycled polyethylene bags are biodegradable (scientifically proven), once sustainable paper becomes consistently available we will switch again.
  • Is all packaging also reported??
    Yes, we work closely with the green dot and the German authorities. Of course, we pay the corresponding license fees.
  • Do I have to treat the seeds differently now?
    No, seeds that you don't "need" this year should always be stored in a dry place away from light. In general, seeds should be kept at low temperatures, preferably around 10°C or below. Cellars, for example, are suitable for this, provided they are not heavily heated. Attics are not a good place to store seeds due to the sharp temperature changes, as are gazebos.
If you have any further questions, comments or constructive criticism, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please use the contact form which you can find at the bottom of the page. Greetings from sunny Portugal