Tonka Beans
Tonka beans are not only used for smoking, they are also used in fine cuisine. Their sweet and vanilla-like aroma is highly admired. As an incense, tonka beans exude a fine and erotic scent. They are lovely, sweet and seductive. AROMATIC: The tonka bean is characterized by its intense scent of vanilla, bitter almond oil and woodruff. It has a pleasantly sweet and caramel-like taste. It has a slightly tart note making it a noble and exotic spice.VERSATILE: The tonka bean is often used as a substitute for vanilla beans. It refines desserts of all kinds and harmonizes perfectly with cocoa, poppy seeds and coconut. However, it can also give hearty dishes, such as oriental rice dishes, creamy soups or fish that special touch. 

Curcuma - Indian Saffron
Curcuma - Indian saffron is slightly acidic, bitter and a little pungent. Gives your dishes a yellow tint. Indian saffron adds colour and flavour to rice, pasta, curry, paella and mussel dishes. Ideal for refining the taste of fish soups.