Birds Eye - Ground Chili
Our Birds Eye chili is hand-picked, gently sun-dried and sorted according to the highest standards. Guaranteed 1A premium quality from sunny Portugal. Packed aroma-tight and resealable. These chilies are hot, fiery and can easily be processed into powder.Ideal for: Chilli con Carne | Hot Sauce | Spicy Chips | Chilli Sauce | Chipotle Chilli | Chilli Oil | Chilli Grinder | Chilli Flakes | Chilli Powder | Chilli JamOne of the hottest chillies in the world making it a great addition to chili sauces. It is extremely hot and a great spice for many dishes. Grind the birds eye chili (spicy) to fine chili powder.  Mix these great chilies with, for example: Ghost Pepper, Bhut Jolokia, smoked paprika, Carolina Reaper, Habanero or other chilli seeds to make the hottest sauce in the world or grind the Birds Eye chili into chili flakes.  We can´t provide an organic certificate, but we only provide products that are 100% natural without growth aids and chemicals. Buying from us means buying service, should you not be satisfied with the Birds eye Chili (spicy), please contact us and we will refund you.

Chili Flakes
Menge in Gramm: 25 Gramm
Chili Pepper Flakes - capsicum annuum History: This pepper is native to the tropics and began several thousand years ago during pre-Columbian times in South America. Explorers known as, the New World explorers mistook the hot pepper (Capsicum) for black pepper (Piper nigrum) and named their discovery "Pimenta", which little did they know would generate confusion to future generations. Cayenne pepper was not introduced to Europe until the time of the Spanish conquerors, where it began to be overshadowed by pepper. But the indigenous people of Portuguese and Spanish provinces in Asia welcomed the spicy pods with open arms. Cayenne pepper is popularly named after the city of the same name, Caiena (Cayenne), the capital of French Guiana. Benefits: The chili pepper  has a strong analgesic effect. It is rich in vitamins A, C and B complex and has a high concentration of calcium and potassium. These properties are perfect for those who have had their thyroid removed, for example, recent studies show that it has the ability to act as an appetite stimulant and secretion of gastric acid therefore, it has the ability to act in rebuilding the stomach. It is also beneficial to those who suffer from migraines acting as a natural remedy. It may help as a metabolism stimulante making it digestive, antiseptic, diaphoretic, bactericidal, digestive and circulation-enhancing. Use: Add chilli flakes to curry recipes and Mexican dishes for a full-bodied flavor. It's also great for adding flavour to marinades, sauces and stir-fries. In India it is used to aid in digestion.

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Dried Jalapeño
100 % natural Jalapeño chili. The Jalapeño chilli pepper is a Mexican chili that was originally and mainly grown in the Yucatan Peninsula and is highly valued for its flavour. The Jalapeño chili or simply Jalapeño is a hot chilli made from a medium-sized variety of capsicum annuum originating from Mexico, appreciated for its warm pungency when tasted. When ripe, the pepper is between 5 and 9 cm long and is usually sold green. The name comes from the Mexican city of Xalapa, where it was made. Jalapeño is known by a variety of names throughout Mexico, such as Sunday pepper, huachinango, and fat pepper. They grow in thick pods over a period of 80 days. The plant grows up to 3 meters tall. A single specimen of the plant can have 35 pods. Over time, growth stops and the peppers turn red. They are used in a variety of recipes such as, stuffed peppers, sandwiches, sauces, sweets, eggs, salads and vinaigrette. When smoked, they acquire a pungent aroma and flavour and are known as chipotle. Gives all dishes a special touch.