Dried Jalapeño
100 % natural Jalapeño chili. The Jalapeño chilli pepper is a Mexican chili that was originally and mainly grown in the Yucatan Peninsula and is highly valued for its flavour. The Jalapeño chili or simply Jalapeño is a hot chilli made from a medium-sized variety of capsicum annuum originating from Mexico, appreciated for its warm pungency when tasted. When ripe, the pepper is between 5 and 9 cm long and is usually sold green. The name comes from the Mexican city of Xalapa, where it was made. Jalapeño is known by a variety of names throughout Mexico, such as Sunday pepper, huachinango, and fat pepper. They grow in thick pods over a period of 80 days. The plant grows up to 3 meters tall. A single specimen of the plant can have 35 pods. Over time, growth stops and the peppers turn red. They are used in a variety of recipes such as, stuffed peppers, sandwiches, sauces, sweets, eggs, salads and vinaigrette. When smoked, they acquire a pungent aroma and flavour and are known as chipotle. Gives all dishes a special touch.

Flor de Sal- BBQ mix
Flor de Sal BBQ mix for meat. The flavored salt mix for meat is ideal for all types of meat, especially grilled meat.

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Kebab Gewürzmischung 100 g
Tolle Gewürzmischung für alle Freunde eines schmackhaften und geschmacklich ausbalancierten Kebabs. Diese Gewürzmischung wurde zusammen mit Experten aus der Lebensmittelindustrie und anerkannten Köchen entwickelt und ausgiebig getestet. Inhaltsstoffe: Salz, Mais, Zucker, Knoblauch, Senf, Paprika, Peperoni, Rosmarin, Zwiebel, Thymian, Koriander, Oregano, Pastinake, Farbe natürliches Pfefferkorn

Content: 100 Gramm (€39.90* / 1000 Gramm)